"I feel more free and comfortable with myself but also around others and enjoyed interaction with lovely people. The intensive has challenged me while being at ease due to support and love of others. It has given me tools to activate a more positive mindset."
"This intensive helped me put words onto feelings and to ask myself new questions, the right questions. Through the exercises I was able to reconnect with the feeling of letting go and dancing without pressure, reconnect with my body and learn how to listen to it. It gave me the tools to take a step back on certain situations, to be less hard on myself and to begin my journey towards the acceptance of my body and myself. I’m truly grateful for this experience ! Thank you Tamara." 
"This intensive was soo inspiring ! I can’t even put in words the feeling that I have right now. So much love, happiness, connection, emotions and incredible people . I discovered my strength and a lot about myself. If you have any hesitation please go! It’s one of the best decision I have taken!! Love all this incredible team!!" 
"The first time I took the intensive, it had a huge impact on my way of thinking. I feel like it's absolutely one of the big reasons I've been able to grow as a person and a dancer. Now the second time, I feel like I've gotten to see new perspectives. Tamara is an amazing teacher/guide. She creates such a safe space that makes you feel so comfortable, it's just incredible! I feel that I got to connect with others on a level that isn't achievable in a normal class. I feel so blessed after these 4 days and can't wait to do this again"
"What can be better than digging into yourself and opening up these old forgotten sores that you've hidden and sometimes really deep inside. During the intensive through dance and tears, in my case, I healed these sores and looked at myself from another perspective, more lovingly. Honestly, i had no idea what to expect from this experience and after the first days I was thinking that "wow..i pretty much know everything we're talking about" but every other day Tamara helped me recall that knowing won't give much..using this knowledge is the key. Thank you​​​​​​​."
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