Self development program by Tamara Arruti

Using dance as a tool to help understand your own identity, heal what's holding you back, and create your next steps.



That you are giving so much for the community that you forgot about your ow needs and growth?
And this resulting in being uninspired and tired?
Struggling with what dance really means to you?
Or lost identity in it throughout the years?
How would it be to learn to be less critical of yourself, gain self-confidence and self-love? 

Get rid of doubts and pressure that social media can make you feel. Learn to cope with anxiety or get rid of it.
How would it be to meet like-minded people and be part of a positive & supportive community?

You’ll learn to listen and respect what you personally need.
You’ll learn tools you can use in your dance journey and daily life.
You’ll get clarity on what steps to take next.
You will be inspired and will inspire others.
You’ll get shortcuts to be successful in your journey faster.
You’ll get a lot of energy.
You’ll love yourself on a deeper level.
You will be part of a supportive community around the world. Connected with like minded people.
You’ll enjoy going to dance workshops and events again.
You’ll believe in yourself.

Want to bring their dance to the next level
Want to work on their doubts/insecurities, and want to learn to enjoy the process of their journey
Want to build a deeper connection between the dancers in their (competition) team
Want to free themselves
Want to use dance as a tool, find freedom again, and re-connect with themselves.
Want to learn how to use dance as a healing tool
Want to build a positive & supportive community
Want to heal themselves
Want to learn to understand themselves

Want to work on themselves, whether you are (young) student, professional, teacher or coach.
This intensive will be the right step for you.

Every intensive is unique. Depending on the participants. 
Tamara will adjust the program to fit YOUR personal needs. The intensive will grow naturally over this period of time.

Throughout Tamara’s career she has observed many students struggle with self-love, confidence, insecurities, frustrations, etc. All of this affecting their dance journey and daily lives.

Therefore she created the Arta Intensive. A safe place that invites you to listen to yourself, your needs, and guide you towards a healthier (dance) journey.
This by giving you the right tools to face any adversity, and create a healthy perspective. To create a supportive community beyond the sessions.

After many intensives we can say with great confidence that Tamara’s approach works. It's wonderful to see Arta Alumni shine and thrive, months or even years later. Seeing them love the process of learning, making mistakes, trusting in themselves and supporting each other. Excited to expanding this community, together. ​​​​​​​

4 days | 4 hours per day | €375,-

Ready to understand your own identity, heal what's holding you back and create your next steps?
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